FAQ & SPA etiquette and regulations


What does the wellness kit include?

The wellness kit consists of a large towel and bathrobe

What do I need to bring from home?

Your swimming costume and pool slippers or flip flops

Is a hair cap mandatory?

No, it is not required.

What is there inside the changing room?

The changing room has key-operated lockers, showers and soap dispensers with shower foam, and hair dryers.

How do I book a wellness package or treatment?

Reservations can be made over the phone by calling 085 45005560 or by e-mail to benessere@hvillamaria.it

Do I have to pay in advance?

Payment is required on arrival before entering the Spa. For the private Spa evening bookings, an advance deposit of 90 euro is required. For our Spa calendar nights, full payment is required in advance and is non-refundable.

What are the opening and closing times of the centre?

The wellness centre is open from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 till 21:00. On Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 till 21:00.

How long is the gift voucher valid for, and is it extendable?

The gift voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue, after which it cannot be redeemed.  It cannot be extended. It can be transferred.

What is meant by couple's massage?

Couple's massage means two treatments done at the same time, but in two separate cabins.

Is the aperitif served in the Spa?

Aperitifs are served and enjoyed in the hotel bar lounge.

Does the spa have thermal water?


What is in the wellness area and what are the temperatures?

The wellness area has a hot tub with a temperature of 34 degrees; a sauna with a temperature of 80 degrees, a Turkish bath with a temperature of 45 degrees; an indoor pool that extends out into the garden, with a temperature of 32 degrees, a Kneipp shower and a Scottish shower. (All temperatures in degrees Centigrade)

Is it necessary to present a valid green pass, or proof of a negative swab test taken within the last 48 hours?

Legislation requires a valid green pass (or recognised equivalent, check travel information for your country) for access to swimming pools, gyms and wellness centres, including within accommodation facilities, limited to indoor activities. A green pass is not required for individual treatments.


Rules of conduct inside the Linfa Wellness Centre


The wellness centre is an area dedicated to relaxation. Please keep quiet and speak softly.


The Wellness Centre is a mixed-use area; please maintain dignified, composed and respectful behavior towards other users at all times.
Wellness Centre staff reserve the right to remove guests who engage in inappropriate or disruptive behavior or behavior that may endanger the safety of themselves or other guests.


– You must spread the towel under your whole body before sitting or lying down on the benches, and take a shower before entering the pool.
– If you wish to re-enter the pools after a treatment in the cabin you must take a shower with soap.
– Jumping, diving and pushing are strictly forbidden in the pool out of respect for the relaxation of others.
– Do not use a mobile phone while in the wellness area.
– You must wear a bathing suit at all times including in the sauna and Turkish bath,
and slippers or flip flops must be left outside the sauna.
– For safety reasons (flammability) use of your own essences is not allowed in the sauna.
– In the wellness area please do not use your own toiletries (peelings, creams, oils, masks, etc.) including soaps in the showers, this does not apply to the changing room showers.
– You must use the bins provided for your rubbish.
– According to AUSL (Local Health Authority) directives, the use of a cap is recommended; alternatively, long hair must be tied back.
– It is recommended to wait 3 hours after eating a meal before entering the pool.

– Do not dirty the pool water in any way.
– Children aged 4 to 12 years may use the swimming pools during the times communicated by the Reception of the Hotel when checking-in, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is responsible for them at all times; the Company is not responsible for them.
– Children under 18 years of age must not use the sauna or Turkish baths
– Children under 12 years of age must not use the whirlpools.
– Entry is forbidden to those who appear intoxicated.
– The Linfa Wellness Center is not responsible for any theft or damage that may occur inside or outside the relaxation area. Lockers with keys are available in the Spa changing rooms.
– For anything not expressly indicated, the general rules given in the Government Guidelines apply.


We trust in your understanding as it is our intention that all our guests can fully enjoy this facility.



The promoter is Elahotel srl, with registered office: Via Trento 138, Pescara.



The Linfa 2020/2021 Points Collection program runs from July 01, 2020 to July 31, 2021. The collected points can be used to claim the rewards listed in point 6 of these regulations according to the following conditions. At the end of the collection time unused points will be reset.



Participants in the Points Collection program must be identifiable persons, over the age of 18, that are holders of the Linfa Loyalty Card.



4.1. At the time of enrolment in the program a "points account" is set up that records all of the Participant's operations of collection and use of points.

4.2 By joining the program and using the card, the Participant (Cardholder) fully and automatically accepts these regulations. Elahotel Srl reserves the right to refuse a request for registration if there is a just cause, subject to verification.

4.3 The application form must be completed in full and with correct data.

Incorrect or incomplete data in the mandatory parts of the application form invalidates registration in the program, and prevents the crediting of points and the claiming of rewards.

4.4 Registration in the program is individual, personal and non-transferable to third parties. In the event of a change in the data given at the time of joining, you must give timely notice by sending an e-mail to benessere@hvillamaria.it



5.1 For the entire duration of the Points Collection program, holders of the Linfa Loyalty Card, who present their loyalty card when making purchases, will receive one electronic point for every euro spent on a single receipt.

5.2 Points will be calculated on the amount spent, net of any discounts applied.

5.3 The crediting of the points at the time of sale will only take place on condition that the Linfa Loyalty Card holder requests the crediting of the points before the receipt is issued. If this is not the case, and the receipt has been issued, the relevant points cannot be accumulated and will not be credited at a later date.

5.4 Points will only be issued following actual payment for the goods purchased.

5.5 Points from two or more Loyalty Cards cannot be accumulated together. The points accrued are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to other Linfa Loyalty Card holders.

5.6 During the period of the program's validity, the promoting company reserves the right to award a greater number of points for specific activities, sometimes for a limited duration, or for certain categories of products and/or services, as well as to include in the promotion additional categories of products and/or services. It also reserves the right to award any discounts or other benefits to Participants. Any such opportunities will be brought to the attention of the
Participants by means of appropriate e-mail communications.

5.7 The Promoter reserves the right to remove from the account any points that have not been collected in accordance with the rules. It also reserves the right to close the account, with the consequent impossibility of using the accumulated points, in the event that a Cardholder has participated in a manner that does not comply with these regulations.



6.1 Throughout the duration of the Points Collection program, the points accumulated by the Linfa Loyalty Cardholders will entitle them to claim rewards consisting of a DISCOUNT VOUCHER or TREATMENT for sole use at the Linfa wellness centre.

6.2 Discount vouchers/rewards must be spent by 31 July 2021, from 1 August 2021 they will no longer be valid.

6.3 Rewards can be claimed, upon receipt at the Linfa Wellness Centre, once the relevant minimum target has been reached, according to the following table:

Accrued points needed for Discount voucher value or Treatment:


200€ 10,00SUN SHOWER 12 MIN.

6.4 The discount voucher cannot be converted into cash and its partial use will not entitle you to a refund, in any form, of the residual value that has not been used.

6.5 Once a reward has been generated, the corresponding points value will be deducted from the Linfa Loyalty Card balance used for the transaction.

6.6 The use of a discount voucher by the customer is considered complete with the issuance of the receipt that uses the discount itself.

6.7 The customer may choose and use only one discount voucher per transaction.

6.8 The economic value of the DISCOUNT VOUCHER or TREATMENT does not entitle the Cardholder to accrue points with this transaction.

6.9 During the period of the Points Collection program's validity, the promoting company reserves the right to add further rewards that will be advertised through specific advertising material directly at the point of sale and on the website www.benesserelinfa.it The DISCOUNT VOUCHER can only be used on wellness packages, body treatments, facials and massages.

6.10 Once the reward request has been made, it is no longer possible to cancel it and/or recover the points deducted.



7.1 Other initiatives

Please note that this Points Collection program cannot be combined with other promotional initiatives also in progress during the same period.

7.2 Privacy Policy
Participation in this Points Collection program is carried out in compliance with the Privacy Policy pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of personal data (GDPR).

7.3 Contacts
Requests and suggestions can be sent by e-mail to: