Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Sale

  1. Contractual Information

    1.1 Informazioni Relative al Professionista: Le presenti Condizioni Generali disciplinano l’acquisto di beni e/o servizi da parte di consumatori effettuato a distanza, tramite rete telematica, sul sito https://www.benesserelinfa.it/, di Elahotel S.r.L., con sede legale in Via Trento, 138 – 65122 Pescara – Italy, Partita IVA 01749280689, R.E.A di Pescara Nr. 125621, (di seguito “Elahotel”).
    To get in touch with Elahotel, to make any complaints or request information, in addition to the aforementioned address, you may use the following e-mail address: benessere@hvillamaria.it
    1.2 Information regarding the contracts concluded by the consumer: All the information required by the applicable regulations, or by the nature of the contract, related to each individual contract concluded through Elahotel's website will be specified in the order form which must be accepted and sent electronically by you, with express recognition by you that sending the order implies an obligation to pay. This information includes, but is not limited to, the main characteristics of the goods or services, their price (including taxes), additional shipping, delivery or postal charges and any other costs, payment methods, the timing of delivery of goods or execution of the order, any duration of the contract and any minimum duration of your obligations. If, due to the nature of the contract or of the goods or services ordered, one or more of the above items of information should not be available at the time of submission of the order, you will be promptly informed. If the price could not be determined at the time of the order, you will still be informed of the method of calculation of the same. If other expenses or costs relating to the contract or its execution could not be determined at the time of the order, you will be informed of this circumstance and the possibility that these costs and expenses are subsequently charged.
    1.3 Information on consumer rights: All information relating to your rights by the applicable legislation, such as, for example, but not limited to, information relating to the right of withdrawal (when applicable), the guarantee of conformity of goods, any after-sales service, the processing of personal data, the procedures for making purchases on the website of the professional, will be specified in these Terms and Conditions, or in the documents referred to therein and accessible from these Terms and Conditions via hyperlinks.
    1.4 Information on applicable legislation: All contracts entered into by you through the Elahotel website will be fully governed by the following provisions and by the documents, instructions and information referred to therein, in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (containing the Consumer Code), Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 (containing rules on e-commerce), Legislative Decree no. 29/2010 (containing rules on services in the internal market), and EU Regulation 2016/679 (containing the Privacy Code). Anything not expressly governed by these General Terms and Conditions and by the above legislation shall be governed by the Civil Code.
    2. Your Commitments


    These General Terms and Conditions of Sale, available online at http://www.benesserelinfa.it/shop/, are made available for you to print or save in digital format. You should review these Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing products and/or services on Elahotel's website. In any case, these General Conditions are shown to you before completing the online procedure for submitting the purchase order, and you must tick the box provided to give your full and unconditional acceptance in order to proceed with the purchase.

    3. Stipula del contratto

    The order sent through Elahotel's website by you is a contractual offer that Elahotel S.r.L. reserves the right to accept.
    You must check that the amount indicated for the services and/or goods chosen is correct before placing your order. When sending the order through the website on the computer, you are required to press a virtual button that will attest to the fact that you have acknowledged that sending the order and its subsequent acceptance by Elahotel will entail the payment of a price.
    The contract is concluded with the forwarding, through the site, of an e-mail summarizing the services and/or products ordered and the other essential elements of the contract to the e-mail address indicated by you at the time of sending the order, this e-mail communication will perform the function of acceptance of the order sent by you.

    4. Terms and conditions of payment

    Payment is made immediately after ordering the goods and/or services and before they are delivered, according to the methods chosen by you during the online purchasing procedure, methods which are prominently specified on the Elahotel website on the initial screen of the order procedure.
Prices shown include VAT when due.

    5. Withdrawal and refund

    Pursuant to art. 52 of the Consumer Code, you have a period of 14 days, starting from the date of stipulation or delivery (in case of purchase of goods), to withdraw from the contract. All information regarding the right of withdrawal and refund of the purchase can be found at this link: Information on exercising the right of withdrawal, where the withdrawal form is also available.

    6. Supply - Use - Validity of Services

    Virtual Shipping - where you have chosen the virtual shipping option, a voucher will be sent to the e-mail address(es) indicated by you.

    Physical Delivery - where you have chosen the physical delivery option, the voucher will be sent by post or courier to the address(es) specified by you. In this case, shipping costs may be applied as indicated at the time of purchase by choice of shipping or delivery method.

    Use and validity of vouchers - To redeem a voucher it must be handed in by the user at the reception of the chosen facility at the time of use of the services contained therein.
    The service will be provided only after presentation of the voucher and is subject to availability. It is therefore necessary to follow the rules on reservations where applicable.
    Unless otherwise explicitly printed or written on the vouchers, both virtual and ordinary, the vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue, after which the right to use the services expires. No refunds are due for unused services. If several services are included in the same voucher, they must be used on the same day.

    In case of loss, theft, damage, non-use or expiration of the voucher you will not be entitled to any refund.

    7. Information and Complaints, Warranty, Privacy and Purchase Guide

    For any clarifications or complaints, Elahotel can be contacted at the addresses and contact details specified in Art. 1.1 of these General Terms and Conditions.
    Information on the processing of your personal data when you purchase goods or services through the website is available at the following link: Privacy Policy.

    8. Applicable Law

    This contract shall be governed by the laws of Italy.